We are aware that fitness must be convenient.  As women we are infamous for putting everyone else first.  Kids, Spouse, Work, Cleaning, Cooking…. Literally everything else comes first. Have a goldfish?  Pretty good chance that fish is gonna take priority over you…… You know it’s true!
Here at CFT we not only make it convenient but the atmosphere will have you wanting to show up everyday!  I KNOW!! IT’S BANANA’S!
When you’re happy and healthy your family and everyone else around you will be taken care of! That we promise.
So how do we make it convenient?
We offer 6 different class times to choose from a day 5 days a week.






Saturdays Class times and schedules are posted on a week by week bases. Saturday class schedule and times may vary.

Closed Sundays

We provide a Kid Zone so you can bring the little ones with you.
We run quick 40 minute workouts that will leave you thinking and feeling like you’ve been at the gym for hours.