Coastal Kids

Welcome to Coastal Fitness Training’s Youth Fitness Program!

We are so excited to make fitness fun  for our youth!

Life is crazy…… Sometimes it’s slam packed with activity and on the goes.

Then, unfortunately, sometimes it’s packed with ipads, phones and hanging out at the house.

Coastal Kids is here to keep your kids active and healthy!

Our program is a combination of Interval training, speed and agility and functional movements.

We are, well, Bootcamp!

They’ll sweat, they’ll have fun, they’ll practice safe movements while monitored by our certified kids coach!

Fitness needs to start now!

Our kids program will be Monday Tuesday Thursday at 3:30 pm. We will be accepting youth ages 8-12. Cost is $80 and we will only accept 15 in the class . To ensure adequate attention to each individual this cap will be strictly enforced. 

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