Hear what just a few of our Coastal Fitness Ladies have to say about their journey with us..

Meet Melanie!

See what Melanie has to say about her CFT Journey!

Started my journey Feb 2016, but didn’t get my act together and open up to the process until July/Aug 2016. The Little Black Dress Challenge is really what kicked my butt into gear! I was acknowledging that I was only putting half of the work. Which means what???? You only get half the results or NONE at all. I wasn’t down with that anymore. Im important and Im putting myself first or at least near the top of the list. Starting off at my HEAVIEST ever and wanting to cry at every workout (sometimes i did), I found the will to want to be healthy more than I wanted to quit. While I do feel my progress pics show my progress this far they are only part of the story. That’s an important part to remember for anyone on ANY fitness journey. Because of Coastal Fitness, the coaches, the members, the encouragement, the pushing….I feel stronger than I have ever felt. I have done things physically that I thought I would/could never do (inner squeal). I feel PROUD of myself and how far Ive come, that is hard for a lot of women to feel. My children see my determination, my success and know how important it is for me to feel better so that we are better for each other. Overall my journey has led me to almost 80 pounds gone. A loss of 11.4% in body fat. A loss of 7.2 in my BMI. A loss of 13.5″ in my waist alone, with an overall loss of 20″ total in my body size. My journey is not done. Its length does not define me, the effort and passion I put in does and that is something I personally am amazed at and will continue to grow toward and help others achieve.

Meet Bryce!

Here’s what Bryce has to say about her Journey with CFT!

Let me first say, there is no place like Coastal Fitness Training (CFT)! Jaid, Paula, and all the coaches have built a platform of support, love, positivity, and a sisterhood like no other. The positive atmosphere is contagious! Every coach and lady at CFT will motivate and push you to better yourself, never give up, be a shoulder to cry on, and help you realize your true potential. I joined CFT July 24th, 2018. In my short time at CFT it has had such a positive impact on me physically and mentally. The day I walked through the doors I never expected the outcome and results that I have had so far. Most of my life I’ve been on the heavier side. I’ve tried losing weight a few times. During those times I did lose weight, however I gained it all back and more. I knew I needed to try something different, since my stubborn ways were not working. So, I decided to give CFT a chance. To be honest, I was kind of skeptical and reluctant about the whole process. I was pretty nervous, because I was never someone that liked to work out with others. I can be stubborn, and I didn’t always like asking for help and receiving any form of support if I could avoid it. I believed I could do it all on my own. Well, that all changed the day I walked into CFT. Losing weight or bettering yourself physically in any way is just as much a mental battle as it is a physical one. Support and motivation from others can help carry you and push you to go further than you ever thought you could. All the wonderfully beautiful ladies at CFT have definitely helped me with my journey, and have continued to support and motivate me. I’m so grateful for CFT, and everything it has done for me. My official journey may not have started here. However, my journey to losing weight and keeping it off, and most importantly being happier, healthier, and stronger physically and mentally has started at CFT. My journey isn’t close to being over yet, but I’m so excited to continue, and see what all I can accomplish. I love CFT, and I love my tribe!

Meet Charlie!

Here’s what Charlie has to say about her journey

The good.

The bad.

She spared nothing.

1. How long have you been a member at Coastal Fitness Training?

I’ve been a Member since June 2017.

2. What was your weight loss journey like before joining?

I had started walking and doing turbo fire at home but had a hard time staying motivated.

3. What has been your biggest obstacle

Balancing working full time, 3 kids, and learning how to eat healthy.

4. What is something that helped you through that obstacle

Encouragement from my family, work family and CFT sisters.

5. What part of a healthy lifestyle have you struggled with the most (nutrition, exercise or lifestyle) and why?

Definitely nutrition. I would workout hard and go right to McDonald’s. Had to learn I can’t OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET.

6. What was an “A HA” moment that stands out in your mind?

The thing that helped me the most was learning not to be best friends with the scale. I would weigh myself daily. I learned that water consumption, weight training and several other factors affected that number on the scale. If I felt I did good for a week and didn’t see the results i wanted i would self sabotage myself. I’d say well I ate healthy and worked out all week and only lost 1 pound, time to go to Zaxby’s. Once I said goodbye to the scale and only had once a month dates with it, help with my sanity.

7. What was your lowest moment?

My lowest moment this year was finding out my youngest sons died had died a week before a huge weigh in. That really tested my willpower and strength. Emotional eating was how I gained my weight and I found myself wanting to cope with that loss by eating my feelings. I had to REALLY remind myself that I had to keep moving forward not backwards and that I had to stay focus.

8. How did you feel after getting through that moment?

I felt extremely proud I was able to hit my goal in spite of such a tragedy. Thanks to a lot of support from my family and friends.

Since joining CFT in June of 2017 I’ve lost a total of 118lbs.

I’ve lost 82 of those pounds in 2018.

11. Where do you see yourself in 2019 and what goals do you have?

By the end of 2019 I’d like to weigh 180. I also will run my first 15k in February, I would like to do a reverse Burpee, do a rope climb, and help at least one person achieve a weight loss goal they have.

12. What advice would you give someone that is struggling to start their journey or who has had failed New Years Resolutions?

My advice to someone trying to lose weight is to have a great support system! Surround yourself with people who know your goals and who are willing to support you. Write yourself notes to encourage you. BE SELFISH. Yea being selfish sounds bad but if you don’t take the time to do something for yourself you may not be around long enough to keep doing for others. Take one day at a time. If you have a bad day, it’s all good, just start back fresh the next day.

13. When you saw your picture from January 2018 Next to your December 2018 what was your immediate thought and/or reaction?

Seeing that side by side made me very proud. I had sooooo many days of self doubt that seeing my before and afters made me be like ” yea girl you did that!” Sometimes we have to toot our own horns and give ourselves credit because this weight loss thing dang sure isn’t easy.

-Charlie Mason

Meet Jennifer!

Meet Kedron!

Kedron came to us just wanting to add in strength and agility training to help out with Volleyball. Her dedication was so inspiring to watch! Since joining her muscle gain and toning has been remarkable!

Meet Julie!

These are Julie’s 3 months progress photos! I know, 3 Months!!! With a little hard work and dedication Julie is down 10lbs and 2.0% of her body fat.

Heres Julie’s Story!

I had never joined a gym in my entire life before coming to Coastal Fitness. I joined in January 2017 because the one health issues that I had tried to keep away from had finally caught up to me. Diabetes. I did have Gestational Diabetes during all 3 of my pregnancies and was always told that I could get it permanently if I did not do something about it. Well it was time to do something about it. I was 37 and my weight was at the highest I’d ever been. My life needed a big change. So I signed up at CFT. I had a hard time getting myself to go. I think I cried on my drive home every day. I was so out of my comfort zone. I am not a gym person! The women at CFT helped me gain the confidence that I needed. Just after 2 months of going to the gym 3 days a week my Dr. was loving all my test results. And I was loving how I was feeling! So, I kept going. After 6 months, I am not even borderline diabetic!! After I saw my pictures of how much my body had changed in the 6-month time I just knew I had to keep coming. Now I cannot live without Coastal Fitness!! I am a gym person now! I go 4 days a week and somedays I go twice a day. I get excited when I think about what I have accomplished and cannot wait to see just what I will accomplish in the time to come.

Meet Lexi!