Shhhhhh…It’s a secret



Four letters.  Each standing for a word that’s really long with an even longer scientific explanation that doesn’t really make sense, but sounds like it should.  Hey, at least it comes in a tasty flavor, right?  While any ole average joe may not understand the exact meaning of BCAA, there is a valid reason you should be drinking your just plain hard-to-pronounce powder and why you should be thankful some scientist somewhere had a supplemental breakthrough.



So basically, BCAA stands for branch-chain amino acids. When your body runs out of energy, it looks to valine, leucine, and isoleucine (the celebrities of BCAAs) for replenishment.  But, since of course your body doesn’t make them, you have to somehow get them from your diet. Foods like chicken, canned tuna, turkey breast, eggs, beans, nuts, and soy protein all contain BCAAs, or you can drink them in supplement powders.

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The best time to intake your BCAAs is as close to your workout as possible.  Why? Well, because BCAAs can advance muscle growth, repair muscles, and (here’s the best part) help prevent muscle soreness! If that’s not a deal breaker, we’re not sure what is.

Remember the helpful BCAA leucine? Some studies have even found that it can help you feel more full by improving a hunger stimulating hormone.  Leucine can also promote fat burning (oh yes, we just said fat burning), and balance your blood sugar levels (making your visits to the doctor slightly less painful.

The “gains” all the kids are making?  Yea, those are all thanks to BCAAs.   The amino acids encourage protein synthesis in your muscles, more than on its own, and helping to make new muscle protein, i.e, “gains.”

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Now that you’re well informed about BCAAs, you can no longer use the excuse of not drinking them because you don’t understand them.  Save that sorry excuse for the squares down the street.  Find your flavor, or the food you hate the least, and get those BCAAs in.  Your muscles will thank you later and you’ll be thankful for your body’s ability to function as normal, minus the soreness.

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