The Elixir of Life

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The Elixir of Life

Jesus has blessed us with many goods over the last 175 years.  TV, Whataburger, Cell phones, and DMSO? After dimethyl sulfide’s (DMSO) discovery in 1866, it was mainly used as an industrial solvent.  However, in 1963, a team of researchers learned of the over 300 medical uses for DMSO.  Now, I know what you’re thinking; how in the world does an industrial solvent have medical uses? Well, let’s take a trip to science class.


Alright, so, DMSO partakes in the Sulfur Cycle.  The Sulfur Cycle dishes out sulfur to all plants and animals around the globe which, believe it or not, is necessary for survival.  Crazy right?  Now, sulfur is responsible for detoxing chemical reactions in numerous drugs and toxins.  This allows DMSO to have positive medical effects on many conditions like AIDS, diabetes, and cancer.  The chemical can also act as a pain reliever for conditions such as burns, arthritis, and headaches (Segura, 2011).  Because of DMSO’s various pharmacological properties, it has become one of the most useful, curative chemicals in the field of medicine (Segura, 2011).


In order to prevent pain, DMSO blocks nerve conduction fibers that are responsible for producing pain.  DMSO is responsible for minimizing inflammation and swelling by diminishing inflammatory chemicals in the body (Segura, 2011).  DMSO also positively influences healing, which is the most important component to it’s functionality (Segura, 2011).  The chemical also enters the bloodstream with ease through the blood-brain barrier and and the skin.  This action allows the DMSO to protect cells from damage and quickly attain results in less doses than opposing pharmaceuticals (Segura, 2011).  Research has also revealed DMSO’s relaxing affects on the nervous system and brain once it reaches all areas of the body.  DMSO has also been discovered as a dilute for various other drugs, such as, antibiotics and insulin.  DMSO has been known to have protect against the fatal effects of X-rays.

A lot of big words, right? You would think a chemical with so many properties would only be found in science lab when in reality, DMSO can, more than likely, be found in your local health food store or the Internet.  The substance is FDA approved, but only for the preservation of bone marrow cells, stem cells, organs being prepared for transplant, and a bladder condition called interstitial cystitis (Segura, 2011).

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DMSO Effects…THAT?

There are various ways DMSO can used as an application, including as a gel or cream, by mouth, I.V, and eye drops.  The substance can be used to treat pain, injury, arthritis, sprains, strains, stroke, heart attacks, brain and spinal chord injuries, infections, keloids, scars, burns, bruises, podiatry, eye problems, headaches, mental disorders, and genitourinary disorders (Segura, 2011).

Sooooooo is DMSO

just another medical miracle? Or, is it a gift straight from God himself?

Either way, one thing is for certain; dimethyl sulfoxide really is the elixir of life.

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